Molly home air purifier


A new powerful home air purifier, which, like the BL39 air purifier, is built with the same air purification system as the previous model. BL33 was developed through cooperation with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and Niras.
The air purifier Molly has the same good cleaning properties of the previous models, which still means a great efficiency against chlorinating solvents and other dust and odor problems.
Molly has got a more industrial design, mainly to make it easy to operate, but also to make several tasks easy to solve, as well as having a greater performance.

The air purifier can be fitted with a total of 3 filters:
Pre-filter F7, which takes most of the ordinary dust in the air.
Microfilter 13, cleans the air for the small dust particles.
Carbon filter WS490, effective against chlorinating solvents, solvents, diesel,
general strong odors and in combination with microfilter very effective against PCB contamination.

The air purifier Molly is fitted with the new power-saving EC fans, which gives a good performance with a low power consumption.
There is a variable speed control from 50 to 200m3/h.
Soundproof cabinet can therefore be placed in homes without being annoying.
Can be fitted with doors with 100 mm pipe connectors, which through flexible hoses can collect contaminated air from a room, and be transported to the air cleaner in another room, cleaned and possibly returned.

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