Air cleaners for cabins on all types of vehicles especially contracting machinery

Get clean air in the driver’s cabin with a TL air cleanerwe have 2 models for contracting machines

TL1494 air cleaner

Suitable for big contracting machines, such as excavators, dump trucks, wheel loaders and similar.

Can handle large quantities of dust and vapours.

Designed to run many hours between services.

TLS98 air cleaner

Suitable for medium – size ans small contracting machines, such as mini-excavators, miniloaders, fork-lift trucks etc.

Built in the same quality as the TL1494 , but the filters are half the size of the filters in TL1494 air cleaner.

All our air cleaners are installed on the cabins roof or close to it and connected via a 100mm flexi hose to the intake for the cabins defroster.

All our air cleaners are supplied with control box with pressure gauge, showing the overpressure in the cabin.

All our air cleaners are fitted with dust filters, which clean the air in steps down to 0,3 micron (H13) and at last the air flow through the activatet carbonfilter.

We have different types of carbon for the individual task.

Comprehensive user and installation guides supplied.

Made in Denmark.

If going to a worksite, where the type and quantity of hazardous substances in the air are unknown, You are always welcome to send us a mail and our chemical engineers can advise on the best type of filters for the job.

Dustfilters and carbonfilter for TL1494 air cleaner

Dustfilters and carbonfilter for TLS98 air cleaner


Do You have questions regarding our air cleaners, prices including delivery, etc., please send us an email !