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Østergaard Filter specializes in producing a clean driving environment in all types of cabins on running equipment, as well as air cleaners for homes, where poor indoor climate occurs.

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See under the link carbon filters for tractors “In agriculture, we produce active carbon filters for almost all tractor brands.

Some of our models appear as original accessories for eg. John Deere, Case etc. Carbon filters are inserted instead of the original dust filter and, in the case of overpressure in the cabin, a clean and comfortable driver environment is produced in connection with e.g. soil spraying, manure application, ammonia precipitation and where there are problems with diesel smoke etc.

The special thing about our carbon filters is that they can be recharged to half of the new price.

This gives a good operating economy, with the use of our carbon filters.

Within the industry, the demands for a clean and safe driving environment increase. Therefore, we have developed special air purifiers that can meet the requirements. Air purifiers filter the supply air for dust particles down to 0.3 microns, and then air is passed through an active carbon filter that holds the toxic gases.

The air cleaners can be mounted on anything, from mini excavators to large loaders.

The assembly is done by professionals who certifies that the cabin holds excess pressure and that the system is correctly set. We would like to refer to the nearest dealer.